Certified Firearms Instructors

Don’t be fooled by company’s posing as qualified instructors Ask to see there ON# issued by the Chief Firearms Officer it can be confirmed at www.fseso.org
Certified Firearms Instructors.ca administer the Canadian Firearms Safety Courses (CFSC), Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Courses (CRFSC) and the Exams for both courses as per the legal requirements issued to us by the RCMP.
In most provinces, the Canadian Firearms Safety Course Exam(s) must be passed to get a Possession and Acquisition License.
If you are looking for this training as a condition of pre-employment with CBSA, you need to successfully complete both courses, but you don’t have to get your own firearms license.
In most provinces, you first must be tested by a certified instructor for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. After passing the test you complete a license application and send it to the Canadian Firearms Centre. You should receive your license in 6-8 months.
Derek Green

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